Ferah Confection Industry, Tourism and Trade Co., an export-import firm which is founded in 1960 is located in Istanbul, Turkey and it is one of the leading companies in the sector in Turkey. It operates in Esenyurt in a 6.000 m2 area with 150 employers and 100 sewing machines. The factory manufactures 350.000 items per month.

The Company started to produce marriage portions for women in 1960, and it also begun to produce and export women underwear in 1980. After carrying out contract manufacturing for famous companies from throughout world (such as Triumphe, Oysho, Etam, Chantelle, La Senza, etc…), our company started to produce and marketing under its own brand name Miss Claire in 1997.



Nowadays, our company is growing day by day with its 18 shops, 450 points of sale and foreign representation offices.

Miss Claire’s product ranges includes Fashion, Basic, 100% Cotton, Shapewear, Pyjamas and Homewear collections. Miss Claire collections are designed in Istanbul, Lyon (Sofiane creative office) and London (Louis Brady creative office).

Every product which is planned to produce are approved after the consequences of several tests such as 3 months of probation period and washing experiments, and the production approval is also obtained by the companies for international quality standards. The goods are also produced on our company’s assembly line through the machines with high technology and the fifty-year-old experience of Ferah Confection’s qualified staff.

In the selection process of our stuff, the usage of chemicals which may damage human health is extremely forbidden, and we prefer to choose recycling materials. That is why our company was awarded with “oekoteks” certificate. On the other hand, the conditions of working and controls in our production plant are checked by international audit companies.

Our goods in our collections are stocked up during the season, they are designed in order to deliver in one week and they are manufactured as serial.

Our company can also produce special orders if it is more than a certain number, and we offer distinct collections for that. The models that could be offered by our clients are also included in this context.

Ferah Confection continues its production and investments in order to fulfill all of your desires in the field of woman underwear.

Yours Sincerely,
Ferhan Dirik / Chairman of the Board